electra. turned 1 today. yay. <3

electra. turned 1 today. yay. <3

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cutest celeb tumblr. &lt;3

cutest celeb tumblr. <3

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For you, my love.

Wow, its been a while. Yes, its been like half a year - oops. The reason I came back is actually my bff. She literally begged me to update my tumblr so here I am, for you my love :)


Life has changed a lot. I am back in Germany now and still have to get used to that. After 3 years of “marriage” me and my friend are going into two different directions from now on. Coming come was harder than when I came back from Boston simply because San Diego was a whole other world. A beautiful world. A bubble.


But it was also good coming home, drinking champagne with my mommy, seeing the rest of my lovely family, squeezing the love of my life.


After only one day at my moms I got to see her, my soulmate, again. Pure happiness. I stayed with her for a couple of days and went back to my moms so I could also have some quality time with her. From there I took a flight to Milan to see my sister. We got to spend almost 3 amazing weeks with each other. Oh, I also have short hair since Milano. Thats what sisters do when they are bored at midnight, non ci credo :D



But I also had to close that chapter. Back to Germany, Christmas time. Lots of food and laughter with my precious family including the soulmate. We spent New Years Eve at home, only the two of us and her mom. We made yummielicious persian dinner and just enjoyed being with each other.



And here I am, next chapter. After saying Good bye to her I took off to Rostock, where I am working right now. But thats another story again which I will not get too detailed about right now. For the German folks, check out my work-related blog and you get a first impression. Oh, I finally went back to my all time favorite city Berlin last week. I did not get to see a lot since me and my sister were exhibiting her jewelry line PARURE-jewellery on the Show & Order during the MBFW. I will be back soon, though.



Sorry I had to rush through but I am about to fall asleep. This morning my bff asked me again to post something so that she would have a treat when she´s done with studying. And since I am such a good friend I had to do it j/k ;)

I will try to post more often. I love you askitommmmm :)


just some of my random drawings i made in class.

my 23rd birthday was only a week before i took off to california. my bff, soulmate, sister or however u wanna call her was there to be with me the 2 weeks before i left. that was also when i fell in love with her even more :) i mean i knew how much i love her but every time i see her i fall for her more and more. does that make sense? yes it does :) no one could ever give me a feeling like she does. shes so precious. thanks askim.


shoes: chelsea boots, bff

tights: asos

lace dress: bff gift, h&m

collar top: h&m

belt: schumacher

blazer: schumacher

necklace: bffs

bow purse: schumacher

watch: fleemarket

one sweet day. spent with my mommy and my soulmate in rural freiburg. we were just driving to some cute towns around freiburg and had lunch at a really nice place of which i forgot the name.


boots: some store in cologne

purple floral shorts: h&m, bff gift

grey basic top: dkny

blouse: primark, bffs

necklace: h&m

red purse: mango

the other day my friend wanted to do the make-up of me and my russian girl. here’s the final look.

we went to little italy and university avenue to take pictures and grabbed some drinks at ‘la puerta’ afterwards. we were like way to overdressed or lets say ‘overpainted’ for that place but at least they now know who we are :D everytime we go there the guy at the door is making happy faces cause we are back :) he has seen our three different looks by now: ‘overpainted’, regular make up, no make up! 

i definitely prefer the natural look over this one. when we were removing the make up at night we were just like ‘we definitely look better this way’. yes, make up can ‘transform’ ppl, it’s fun and i love it but let’s be real: the less the better.

♥♥♥ OOTD:

wedges: target

tights: bffs gift

dress: urban outfitters

peace tee: h&m

blazer: schumacher

jacket: vintage denim, bffs gift

bag: YSL promo bag from NYC

necklaces: flee, bffs, asos

hairband: marshalls

belt: h&m

watch: target

bracelets: neon hamsa - pangaea, pearls and red - gifts

rings: flee, h&m, moms, dads

happy belated 4th :)

it was actually my second 4th of july spent in the states. the first one was in ‘09 and i was on my way from boston to miami. so i saw the fireworks on the way to the hotel.

this year it was one crazy day. me and my russian girl started our day pretty relaxed, watched our german tv shows, had coffee and fruits (thats our daily routine)…. she did my hair since it needed to be shaved again (btw you did a great job again, thanks :) ♥) and we got ready for the 4th of july party at a friends place. well actually it was a co-worker of a friend and our friend has not been there before either. he told us there gonna be like 30 ppl and some hot straight guys :D (he’s gay) so we got there and there were only sitting a few guys in their 40’s. we were the only girls. but it still ended up to be pretty fun PLUS we had some goooooood food :)

around 845pm we took off to see the fireworks at the ocean beach pier. we got there LAST minute after running from our apt to the beach as there was no tomorrow. i could barely breath. anyways it was definitely worth the run, the fireworks were sooo beautiful, full of hearts and only in the american colors blue, red and white :)

as soon as the fireworks were over the famous marshmallow fight started. that means, that everyone would just run around like crazy and throw marshmallows at total strangers. crazy!! the streets were soooo sticky from all those marshmallows, my friend even lost her shoes :D

we just had some drinks at our place afterwards and called it a day.

that was my second 4th of july in the states and def the better one :) loved it.

♥♥♥ OOTD: today everything was about the 4th so i tried to fit in. even my nails did.

skirt: black maxi skirt, target

top: i <3 sd top, souvenir shop ocean beach

bag: red bag, mango

necklaces: white - fleemarket, heart - asos, vintage gold chain

bracelet: neon hamsa - pangaea outpost, red heart from a friend, pearls and bff bracelet

rings: fleemarket, h&m, moms, dads

random days in #freiburg



shorts: h&m

tee: zara

silk blouse: grannys

watch: fleemarket


dress: urban outfitters

sweater: ralph lauren

belt: target, bffs gift

scarf: h&m

watch: asos

havin lunch after a nice day at the beach and the farmers market. love the #ocean beach farmers market :)♥♥♥ OOTD: 
white shorts: asos
peach sleeveless blouse: f21
cross necklace: f21

havin lunch after a nice day at the beach and the farmers market. love the #ocean beach farmers market :)


white shorts: asos

peach sleeveless blouse: f21

cross necklace: f21